3 natural ingredients to support winter activity

3 natural ingredients to support winter activity

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The cold isn’t a reason to stop moving! Getting out in the fresh air and keeping active is key to feeling vibrant through the winter months. We’ve handpicked our top 3 naturally powerful botanicals to support your winter activity.

1. Blackcurrants

New Zealand-grown Blackcurrants have been tested and shown to be one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any commercially available plant extract (1). Research shows that taking NZ Blackcurrants improves muscle recovery and immune function following exercise and exertion (2). This makes Blackcurrant extract ideal for supporting wellness on all fronts when exercising during winter. The secret to NZ Blackcurrants' success is their high levels of anthocyanins. These are the dark pigments which are excellent antioxidants and give Blackcurrants their deep black colour.

NZ Blackcurrants also offer specific antioxidant support if you’re vulnerable to increased levels of oxidative stress (3). Perhaps you’re a smoker, suffer from asthma, are elderly, live in a polluted environment or frequently fly. Oxidative stress is also heightened if you’re undergoing significant emotional or physical stress, like if you’re a student, athlete or air steward. 

2. Comfrey

Traditionally known as Knitbone, Comfrey is a herb with a long history of helping people with repair and recovery. Trials have shown that topical application supports ankle sprains and back strain (4). It’s fabulous for children (4) and adults alike, offering support for the whole family. Pop Comfrey in the first aid kit for winter sports season!

3. Kawakawa

This heart-shaped herb was used as a pick-me-up tonic by early European settlers to New Zealand as a tea alternative. Kawakawa is naturally warming, especially when combined with the heat of Ginger root. If you feel the cold in your toes or nose, this is a great combo – try a dose before leaving the house or take some in a thermos mixed with hot water for hikes in the hills. When you come back inside from braving the outdoors, a hot cup of Kiwiherb Ginger & Kawakawa Tonic can warm you right up!

For optimal winter wellness, choose the natural botanical support best suited to you:

  • Kiwiherb Echiberry offers delicious antioxidant-rich immune support for a daily wellness fix.
  • Kiwiherb Lung Care Spray is a certified organic, antioxidant-rich tonic that combines the power of NZ Blackcurrants with Ginger to support the clearing of airborne pollutants from the lungs, making it a handy go-to for city dwellers or travellers in polluted environments.
  • Kiwiherb SprainAway Cream is a premium potency combination of NZ-grown Arnica and Comfrey. Arnica is the ‘go-to’ herb for many as a first response for sports injuries, bruising and strained muscles, while Comfrey has traditionally been used by herbalists for a variety of musculoskeletal complaints.
  • Kiwiherb Ginger & Kawakawa Tonic is a pleasant tasting formula of Ginger, NZ native Kawakawa and Peppermint which provides soothing and warming effects.




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3 natural ingredients to support winter activity
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