Building Immunity

The immune system is the ultimate defence system for the body, warding off unwanted bugs and helping the body return to good health.

To do so, the immune system needs a bit of support. This primarily comes from the food we eat, restful sleep, and managing stress.

Including plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables, along with quality protein sources, is the first step to providing the nutrients the body needs. Team this with plenty of fresh water, and a good 7 to 9 hours sleep for adults, and the body has the base building blocks for good health.

Experiencing some degree of stress is inevitable, even for little ones. In children, this can present as worry, separation fears, or can be the result of sudden or significant change. Such concerns are normal for developmental stages, however, ongoing stress can hinder the immune system from functioning as it should.

Herbs can provide an extra helping hand to support the body during times of stress, against unknown pathogens, and in regaining wellbeing.

Echinacea is the ideal option to encourage robust immune health and support healthy recovery from illness. This herb is perfect for times where extra support is needed, including high stress, slow recovery, or frequent bouts of illness.

If blocked noses or stuffy sinuses are part of the picture, then a combination of herbs may restore a healthy response. Ribwort, a common New Zealand weed, is a suitable option to support in clearing noses by calming the mucus membranes. This humble herb also supports respiratory health and easy breathing. Elderflower further restores healthy mucus production and provides immune support against seasonal ill, and chills.

When chest spasms are causing unrest, a combination of marshmallow, mullein, thyme, and hyssop can calm an over-active response. The addition of wild cherry then gently calms the body and mind.

Our bodies do an amazing job of keeping us healthy, but sometimes they do need a bit of extra support. Traditional Western herbal medicine is an excellent tool for immune wellbeing, helping to keep bugs at bay through seasonal transitions.

Building Immunity
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