Caring for skin during safe hygiene practices

Do your hands need some TLC?

Over the past several months, even the most hygiene conscious amongst us have been washing our hands more regularly, alongside using hand sanitiser on at least a daily basis. 

Whilst washing our hands is vital for preventing the spread of bugs, we must also remember to protect the integrity of our skin, as one of our immune systems first lines of defence. Frequent use of soaps and sanitisers can lead to dry, irritated and inflamed skin, and can aggravate existing skin conditions. 

Whether you are dealing with dry skin or have a more serious chronic skin conditions herbal creams, ointments and balms can be a great option to soothe and heal the skin. When choosing a skin care product, it is important to consider what you are putting onto your skin and absorbing into your system. 

If you are looking to reduce your toxic load and avoid ingredients that may cause irritation, then choosing products free from parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours and fragrances is ideal. The beauty of natural skincare for treating common skin conditions is that they are effective short term, and safe to use long term. 

Unlike some over the counter products that can be harsh on the skin, herbal products such as Kiwiherb Dermacare Cream can improve skin health and build resilience in the skin over time.

Kiwiherb Dermacare Cream is a high potency herbal formula containing New Zealand native herbs, Kawakawa and Poroporo, together with Burdock. This unique combination of three active ingredients, are traditionally used to help with a variety of skin problems.

Containing only New Zealand grown herbs, it is indicated for conditions such as inflamed or irritated skin, providing a natural alternative to steroidal creams. Designed to soothe and protect dry, rough and scaly skin, whilst promoting healing it is suitable for all ages and gentle enough for use on sensitive areas.


Caring for skin during safe hygiene practices
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