Four easy ways to boost mental energy and focus


Setting up your day right and establishing a similar every day routine helps support optimal energy right from the start. Putting in place a healthy sleep wake routine can help support restorative sleep . This can differ from person to person as to what is possible. Young children and certain work hours can impact on our sleep hygiene habits. Working to improve and achieve what is possible for your individual situation is important.


Eating for energy: look to include fresh, unprocessed wholefoods rich in nutritive compounds into your day or week, aiming for the 80/20 rule. For 80% of the time, you are including those ideal foods (around 5 days of the week) and for 20% (1 to 2 days) of the time you may be more flexible and less strict on yourself. As a result, the 80% becomes easier and you will be motivated to follow it on a longer-term basis.


Including energy boosting ingredients into your day or week: New Zealand Kawakawa can be used as a warm or cold drink, or as a delicious tasting tonic with ginger for a morning wake up drink full of nourishment.


Make sure your day has things that inspire and naturally motivate you, we all need to feel fulfilled and contented. This way of being helps fulfil our energy restores, emotionally and physically. Find your thing, whether that’s reading a good book, deep breathing for calmness, catching up with family and friends, or being outdoors and exercising. Include more of whatever is essential to you, into your day or week in a way that suits you best. Whether it’s on the weekend, evening or during the day, finding little bits of time can be just as beneficial  as long stretches - it all depends on what works best for you!

Four easy ways to boost mental energy and focus
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