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How to support a speedy recovery

Being unwell can happen at the time when we least need or expect it. Poor immunity or constant bouts of unwellness can seem to drag on, and it can be commonplace to develop ongoing immune challenges post-infection. Often, certain common post-infection side effects, like fatigue and exhaustion, hang around for people with sensitivities or have a more vulnerable immune system.


Supporting your recovery

Providing comprehensive immune support often requires a blend of immune-supporting ingredients such as herbal botanicals, vitamins and minerals or scientifically researched immune compounds that work together to encourage recovery and lessen the symptoms.

Like the renowned natural, immune-supporting herbs, Echinacea and Elderberry. They are both revered for their powerful immune-supporting properties and as well as lessening the symptoms of common winter bugs.

Also following a holistic approach and looking at overall wellbeing can affect your recovery. Like your dietary intake, stress levels and daily movement to ensure you support your wellness.

With the new kids on the block, Quercetin and AP Bio™, they are highly effective immune-supporting ingredients.


The unique immune properties of Quercetin

Quercetin is a great all-in-one as it helps speed up immune recovery when unwell and supports a healthy immune response in the body. Quercetin helps to quieten an over-active immune system,  and supports the immune response. Our immune potential often begins with our diet and the fundamental building blocks of health and wellbeing like, Vitamin D or C and Zinc. Our vitamin and mineral levels help to determine our long-term wellness and can help support us when unwell or help us in staying well. Quercetin can be found in vegetables such as onions, broccoli, or fruits (apples, berries and grapes), and in your favourite red or white wine. Quercetin acts as a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect against any cellular damage. It is known as the great flavonoid, rich in active plant compounds called polyphenols. These phenols help give quercetin its famed ability and comprehensive anti-allergic qualities.


The power of AP Bio™

The scientifically researched AP Bio™ helps to modulate the immune response, lessen recovery time and help support speedy symptomatic relief when you might need it most of all. AP Bio™ is scientifically studied to support and lessen symptoms, from head tension to temperature balance and muscle fatigue. It also helps not only the immune response but helps to clear any excessive respiratory mucus.

One of the direct and effective ways AP Bio™ works is by stimulating the Natural Killer (NK) immune cells in the body.

These are specialised white blood cells (wbcs ) that are an essential part of the immune system, and help us in staying and recovering well. Primarily, NK cells act as the immune warriors of the immune system, helping protect and ward off invaders that may be up to no good and make us unwell. NK cell acts to ensure a healthy immune system response.



Vitamins are necessary to our biological function, especially our immune function. Our top 3 immune vitamins would be A, C and D. Vitamin A is not only important for the health of all of our ‘mucous membranes’- the tissues that line our gut, sinuses, and lungs, but also it is specifically important for our immune response to viruses. Vitamin C has a long-standing reputation as a natural immune booster. Vitamin C helps with the health of your tissues (it’s used to make collagen) and the mobility and activity of white blood cells, our infection fighters. Vitamin D! Ah sun, glorious sun. We’ve all heard about the importance of Vitamin D, which we get from sun exposure. More and more research points to the fact that Vitamin D does far more than help protect our bones. Increasingly we are coming to understand how Vitamin D is key for helping to activate our immune defences and ward off infection, especially respiratory infections. So, sunshine gives us Vitamin D if our skin is adequately exposed, so be sure to get out in the sun during the winter months.



Minerals are the most abundant compounds in our bodies. Key minerals for immune function are Zinc and Iron. Zinc is important for the replication of every cell, so it is crucial at times of growth (eg. children, teens, pregnancy), repair (tissue healing after accidents or surgery), and illness (think of all those extra little white blood cells being made!). Zinc has a specific role to play in the immune system, so if you seem more vulnerable to picking up infections, or take longer to recover than average, think zinc. Iron is also essential for immune function as those with iron deficiency anaemia are much more prone to all manner of infection. If in doubt, a blood test can easily pick up iron deficiency.


The everyday ways to recover well

Include these five top recovery tips into your week to support your recovery

1. Rest and Recover time - Get enough sleep

Making sure that your sleep hygiene is top of your list for recovery. The body cells can restore and repair more when sleeping, including the immune cell response. So, snuggle up and aim for 7 – 9 hours a night.

2. Hydration

We’re all aware of the importance of water in our daily lives. It’s essential to most body functions. Especially as we often can get dehydrated while unwell from the increased water requirements from all the mucus generation and at times increased sweating.

3. Including enough nutritious foods

Think warm broths, bone or hearty stock soups with winter vegetables, parsnips, kumara, pumpkin and carrots, all rich nutrient sources of vitamin A, C, E and antioxidants (the cell protectors for our body, including immune cells).  

4. Keep it warm

The steam produced from warm or hot drinks helps act as a bronchodilator (helps relax the muscles to widen airways). This supports the airways and blood vessels around the nose and mouth and makes breathing easier. Think of how a hot shower can help when unwell to provide relief. 

5. Sinus rinse

This old but effective home remedy tip can help in clearing the sinus. Using a sinus neti pot or a salt rinse, you can get a sinus rinse pack from the local pharmacy.


Finding what works well for you is always the most vital part of any good recovery plan. Using a combination of well-being ingredients, and scientifically studied ingredients may help you not only to recover well but maintain immune wellness in the more trying winter months of the year. 


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