Here’s why Kiwiherb products are always top quality

Here’s why Kiwiherb products are always top quality

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A lot of work goes into every bottle of Kiwiherb goodness you see on the shelf. This includes a thorough Quality Assurance (QA) process that helps ensure every single Kiwiherb product is the highest possible quality. Meet our QA team and learn why QA is so important to us and how it’s incorporated into all your Kiwiherb favourites.

What is Quality Assurance?

Our QA team ensures that every stage in a Kiwiherb product’s journey, from the raw materials to when it reaches your hand, is always top quality.

They apply their skills to a huge range of tasks. This includes sampling all raw materials and checking all manufacturing and packing documents to make sure we’ve received, and are sending out, exactly what we’re meant to. They also inspect labels and packaging to ensure they match our specifications. Because we take so much pride in what we do, our specifications are extensive, going as far as ensuring packaging is the exact shade of Kiwiherb green or orange!

The Kiwiherb QA process

Our QA process follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which is the systems we must have in place to ensure that every Kiwiherb product we produce is the same great quality, every single batch. The QA team is involved in all stages of getting Kiwiherb products from the minds of our Technical team into your hands.

When we receive raw ingredients, the QA team samples them and arranges independent testing to ensure that we’ve received the right ingredients of the right quality. Once testing is complete and complies with all standards, they release the ingredients for Production.

When Production has transformed the raw ingredients into the finished product, QA check and test the finished product before doing final checks and then releasing it into market.

A typical day in the life of Kiwiherb’s QA team

For our hardworking team, there’s no such thing as a typical day. They love what they do, including collaborating with many different Kiwiherb teams. All of them believe in Kiwiherb products and how effective they are for them and their families. They’re also driven to deliver products that truly work, especially for the littlest family members.

Why QA is so important to Kiwiherb

Every time you choose a Kiwiherb product, you trust that they are the best possible quality for you and your family. We don’t take that trust lightly.  Our thorough QA process sets the standard for all Kiwiherb products.

In the words of our team “there’s no compromise when it comes to quality”.

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Here’s why Kiwiherb products are always top quality
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