Keep your baby smiling this summer


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Once you’re sure baby’s first smile really was a smile and not wind, you’ll want to see it again and again. But sometimes, baby doesn’t feel like smiling, especially when it’s stupidly hot which, let’s face it, makes us adults grumpy too.

Here's how to keep your baby smiling all summer long.

Make them a water baby

Set up a paddling pool in the shade and supervise them. It’s a great way for them to cool down and have fun at the same time. They can also enjoy a cool bath before bed each night. Skip the towel and let them air dry instead.

Choose breathable fabrics

If you need to dress your little Kiwi (because even tiny bums want privacy), choose loose, natural fibres like cotton or muslin. They’re breathable and won’t trap heat.

Skip the sleeping stuff

It’s hard to sleep in the heat so let baby sleep in a nappy and/or a vest, or opt for a light muslin sheet or wrap. Strip out any unnecessary bedding that could make their sleeping spot uncomfortably hot.

Stock up on Kiwiherb Baby Balm

Heat can get trapped inside baby’s nappy, making nappy rash worse, which is why you’ll want to have some Kiwiherb Baby Balm on hand. This handy sustainable glass jar is a summer must-have. It’s a gentle formulation, featuring organic Calendula and Chamomile plus New Zealand native Koromiko, which helps to hydrate, soothe and protect baby’s skin.

Buy one for mum too - Juliette, Kiwiherb’s Marketing Manager, swears by it as a lip balm. It’s also great as a make-up remover, to help soothe any heat-induced chafing and to hydrate dry, cracked skin on the feet after a summer of jandals.


If you think your baby is suffering from the heat – looks unwell, is refusing to drink, has fewer wet nappies than usual or is vomiting – call 111 immediately.



Keep your baby smiling this summer
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