The Botanical NZ Native Superstar - Kawakawa

Need help with energy, focus and everyday wellbeing?

Kiwiherb’s Kawakawa Stomach Calm (or) Ginger & Kawakawa Tonic is an ideal option, as an everyday energy and wellness tonic. Kawakawa is one of our most well-known NZ Native botanicals, and has the unique effect of calming and soothing away any digestion upset alongside supporting daily well-being.

Kawakawa can be a powerful ingredient to support natural energy alongside healthy digestive function, with its additional warming effect on circulation for those late winter evenings or cooler early winter mornings. Kawakawa, and its unique properties, lends itself to helping with adrenal health, which can support our everyday energy and stress response in the body. It can help with feelings of exhaustion and fatigue also.

Kawakawa is also known as the NZ Pepper tree due to its warm peppery taste and its stimulating action, this NZ Native works to boost low energy and support our wellness when we may be struggling with energy or feeling run down with tiredness and being over busy.

Achieving mental focus and adrenal health

The powerful uplifting effect of Kawakawa can help for tired and stressed minds alongside acting as an everyday pick me up when life gets busy. NZ Kawakawa supports gut health, helping to calm tummy upsets and gently supports digestion. A strong ingredient to help food digestion and lessen bloating, making it a perfect addition to our day for when we may need that extra soothing or settling effect. Kawakawa with added ginger acts as energy tonic with a double action for feeling focused and energised.

Kawakawa, acts an adaptogenic herb, helping manage stress by supporting adaptation in the body and encouraging healthy adrenal function. Our adrenal glands support our sleep/wake cycle, helping to set up our day and night internal clock for us. While we sleep our brains are thought to naturally detox, acting to rid of waste and clear away old neurons or cells that are no longer needed. As we know, quality sleep helps so much more than just our energy levels, it also helps brain health and cognitive power, such as our information and memory processing ability for focused thinking and a clear mind with energy for the day or week ahead.

The Botanical NZ Native Superstar - Kawakawa
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