Running nose? Itchy eyes? Prepare for allergy season

Running nose? Itchy eyes? Prepare for allergy season

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Although the coming of spring means longer and lighter days, spring’s beautiful blossoms can also mean runny noses and itchy eyes! Before allergy season takes hold this year, get prepared with these tips and tricks.

Take a load off

When your body is under attack from external and internal stressors, it can have an impact on how well your body deals with allergens. These stressors are the usual suspects: stress, alcohol, coffee, lack of sleep, environmental chemicals, processed foods… Spring is a great time to start a detoxification programme. You can also try reducing some of the diet and lifestyle factors that overload the liver and disturb the gut, like too much alcohol, caffeine or sugar.

Balance your nutrients

Making sure you’re getting all your key nutrients is really important. Start with essential fatty acids (to help balance immune function and reduce reactivity) and run selectively through the alphabet from Vitamin A (to support mucous membranes and tissue health) all the way to Zinc (for immune function support).

One way to do this is by enjoying a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and wholegrains. Aim to eat a rainbow to maximise the nutrients you’re getting, like red berries, yellow capsicums or orange carrots. 

What’s that smell?

When nose stuffiness takes hold, try adding essential oils like peppermint, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood or eucalyptus to a diffuser to help you smell again.

Reach for naturally powerful herbal support

If allergies are getting the better of you, try Kiwiherb Allergy Formula. It combines Baical Skullcap with Rehmannia root to help balance overactive immune responses to allergens, while Eyebright helps soothe tissues in the eyes and nasal passages. A non-drowsy formula, it works fast to help soothe allergenic responses. It also addresses underlying immune imbalances for longer-term support.

For help with stuffy noses, Kiwiherb De-Stuff works quickly to support clear airways and easy breathing, soothing tissues in the nose, sinus and ears. This has no nasties and is a certified organic formula combining Elderflower, Ribwort, and Echinacea root plus Peppermint to help clear the airways. For little noses, try Certified Organic Kiwiherb De-Stuff for Kids which has a child-friendly taste thanks to its base of organic apple juice and natural Peppermint and orange oil.


Running nose? Itchy eyes? Prepare for allergy season
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