Vitamin D

Keeping well has become part of our everyday. Looking after our immunity and health is an essential end of year piece of the holiday toolkit for general well-being and vitality. Nutritionally supporting ourselves is the first all important ingredient, and our vitamin and mineral intake are our fundamental building blocks of determinants for our overall health. One of the stand out and well-known immunity nutrients is vitamin D.

The superstar vitamin for immunity and more

Vitamin D is unique as it acts in support of whole-body wellness. It fortifies bones, balances mineral deposits in the body and supports mood and immune function. Our brain, heart, lungs, muscles and immune cells all contain vitamin D receptor sites.

We need adequate amounts of vitamin D for mood, bone health, immunity and much more. There is more than one way to get this wonder vitamin and a common way of getting vitamin D is through the sun. The sun helps produce vitamin D within the body and then absorb it into the body's cells where it's utilised.

The very unique properties of vitamin D

Vitamin D has a unique dual-action in the body, acting like a hormone and a neurotransmitter. Vitamin D is essential for every day, healthy function and optimal cellular health. This includes;

  • The heart and blood vessels. It is thought to play a major role in healthy blood pressure.
  • Helps to keep healthy serotonin levels in the brain and gut for a happy mood.
  • In recent research, insulin balanced response and weight management is related to low vitamin D levels.

This one is a unique and diverse vitamin, with a plethora of health benefits to bestow on our health. Giving us plenty of reason to make sure we have adequate levels of vitamin D for a natural immune and total well-being boost.

Natural food sources of vitamin D

Helping boost vitamin D the natural way can include supplementation when we need too, but our daily diet may also contribute. See some of the easy examples of rich food sources of the uniquely beneficial vitamin D below.

  • Fatty and oily cold-water fish, cod liver oil, salmon, herring and mackerel.
  • Fortified food such as milk, butter, cheeses, grain and cereal.
  • Eggs, animal fats often are good easy sources of vitamin D.
  • Algae and seaweed or mushrooms may also contain some vitamin D.

Your summer well-being

Including some vitamin D in your day or week over the summer only helps to naturally boost your levels of this unique immune supportive vitamin for complete well-being over the festive season. It provides everyday protection for immunity, mood, sleep and general health - helping us to re-set and move forward into the New Year with optimal well-being and an everyday wellness effect for our day-to-day health.


Vitamin D
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