What is a Naturopath or Medical Herbalist?

Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism are complementary health modalities.

Both Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists are trained to offer supportive holistic care. This means treating the person as a whole (mind, body and emotions), rather than only addressing the condition or symptoms that they are experiencing. 

Medical Herbalists are trained in using plant-based medicines as their main modality.  Naturopaths may be trained in a number of complementary medicine modalities, including nutrition, medical herbalism, homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Why choose a Registered Naturopath or Medical Herbalist?

Currently Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists are not legislated in New Zealand.  This means that anyone can call themselves a Naturopath and/or Medical Herbalist regardless of the level of training they have received.  There are two associations that self-govern Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists operating in New Zealand:

  • Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (NMHNZ) - a professional association with member Naturopaths and/or Medical Herbalists.
  • New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists (NZAMH) - a professional association with member Medical Herbalists.

By choosing a Naturopath and/or Medical Herbalist registered with either of these associations, you can be assured that you are working with a qualified practitioner.  Registered Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists are educated to the best standards and continuously update their education, ensuring that you receive safe health care advice backed by evidence-based research.

Find a Registered Naturopath at https://naturopath.org.nz/find-a-naturopath/.

Find a Registered Medical Herbalist at https://www.nzamh.org.nz/find-a-medical-herbalist/.

Kiwiherb Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists

Kiwiherb employ a number of qualified Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists across a variety of different roles.  Laura O’Shea, our Technical Support Officer and Suzy Walsh, our Customer Service and Technical Support Manager support retail stores to answer customer queries about using our Kiwiherb products.  Nerena Morris and Sandra Yeoman head up our Sales teams across New Zealand and Australia.  Verity Vincent, Sales Support, works closely with our Sales Representatives, providing technical and sales support to our practitioners and stores.  Phil Rasmussen, Technical Director and Founder, heads up our Research and Development team, responsible for developing effective Kiwiherb formulations. 

Outside of Kiwiherb, Suzy, Laura, Verity and Phil work with clients in their own practices. 

What is a Naturopath or Medical Herbalist?
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