What is naturopathy?

To put it simply, naturopathy is a holistic healthcare system that encompasses both emotional and physical elements for patient treatment. It seeks to address underlying causes and issues to help regain and encourage vitality for total wellbeing and optimal health outcomes.

One of the fundamental pillars of naturopathy is to treat the whole picture of the person, rather than only act to provide symptomatic relief or support. The most common treatment protocols within naturopathy that are used can be:
  • Nutrition
  • Phytotherapy (herbal medicine)
  • Body therapy
  • Iridology
  • Homeopathy or homeobotanicals.
Treatment does depend on the health practitioner. It can be very diverse in what treatment may be selected and utilised for patient care.
How can it help?
There are a wide range of diverse options available and like most health professions, there are naturopaths that use all of the above or one. There are also natural health practitioners that specialise in certain health issues or conditions, such as infertility, hormonal issues, skin conditions (eczema) or gut issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and children’s health. Depending on your need, there is something for everyone.
Naturopathy, and its unique point of difference
Naturopathy’s most unique point of difference is in its ability to offer you something, that not only physically supports your health but also your emotional wellbeing and overall health. Its natural multi-faceted approach helps to naturally achieve optimal results by including all the lifestyle, dietary and environmental influences into your wellness. Then considering what may work best for you, going forward and what may fit you well.
The complete picture of wellness
Whether it’s just for everyday immune and stress support, or longer-term recovery from being unwell, naturopathy is worth a try as we seek out new ways of working and living alongside learning to adapt to our new normal, you might find that it is a perfect fit for you.
If looking at the whole picture of health, appeals to you and a combined approach towards wellness could work, then Naturopathic week is the ideal place to start. Trying something new and seeing how it may work for you always benefits more than our health. It helps on our own self discovery journey along the way, helping us grow and learn as we go for complete well-being.
Like any healthcare system, finding an experienced and qualified practitioner can help you get started and obtain desirable results.
See the link below for the qualified naturopaths and someone near you.
What is naturopathy?
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