How to include mental energy and focus into your day

Staying focused and being mentally energised for our everyday is never an easy feat. In amongst our everyday we are often pulled in many directions, making it impossible to focus just on one thing at a time. We are constantly distracted by everything around us and the need to fulfil many different commitments.

Finding our mental energy, focus, and clarity

Research demonstrates that we are not as great at multi-tasking as we thought. We are in fact, often better at completing one task at a time. Recent evidence shows that our brain typically functions best at 20 minute intervals of concentration, helping us be more productive within smaller blocks of time.

By including our own smaller spaces of time into our day, we open up time for more mental focus and increased brain energy and alertness for our busy day ahead. The decrease in brain fog, helps to clear thinking, support clarity and increase productivity whether its for home, work or all the in between times.

Why is mental focus so important?

Mental focus and our ability to concentrate is a vital part of our emotional and physical well-being. This is because mental focus helps us to learn new things and tasks, it is an essential part of supporting us in achieving new goals and performance. The ability to focus helps us be more successful in our day-to-day life and achieve a better end result.

Achieving our optimal best for anything includes mental focus, but achieving more mental energy can be difficult in our modern-day lives. Finding our spots of time where we can regain and find mental focus is important. The seemingly elusive path to mental focus and brain energy is not easy but achievable with a few tips and finding what works for you. Putting in place your go to focus tools for including more mental focus and alertness into your day can help in making it happen.

The super herbal botanicals for mental energy and focus

Including two of the herbal botanicals for brain health can help too. Gingko and Ginger are both great supporters for brain health. They help in circulation support, nutrient uptake and circulation flow into the brain region. Gingko is traditionally used for its longevity and brain tonic effects, helping to naturally boost healthy brain function and act as a neuroprotective.

The botanical spice ginger needs no introduction, it is a firm pantry favourite for spicing up food or adding extra taste. It also helps with circulation support and when in combination with Gingko, makes for a warming brain boosting tonic for mental focus and energy support for those tired times and busy, over whelming days.

Both are super botanicals for mental focus and energy support, helping to naturally boost brain energy and focus.

How to include mental energy and focus into your day
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