Navigating summer, naturally

Ah, summer. When the warm grass tickles your feet and the sea air tickles your nose. Although summer is full of fun, laughter and outdoor adventures, it can present some health hazards. And we’re not just talking about sand in your sammies (and other places).

Whether you’re heading to the beach, bach, bush or boat, those long days under the Kiwi sun can be harsh on our skin, leaving it parched and unhappy.

Sunshine causes our endorphins and energy levels to soar. Which means in summer you’re more likely to enjoy lots of exercise, planned or otherwise – that game of backyard cricket with the kids totally counts. As well as helping you get a healthy glow, more exercise can mean more risk of injury from an overenthusiastic tackle or lunge.

When you get swept up in the excitement of being outside, it’s easy to forget the basics, like making sure you’re drinking enough water.  Dehydration, which can lead to heatstroke, is an easy way to spoil your summer fun.

Oh, and let’s not forget the constant companions to your summer adventures – mozzies and other annoying biting bugs – and allergy-triggering things like pollen, grasses and air pollution.

Here are some easy ways to keep you and your family healthy and smiling this summer, naturally.

Drink plenty of water

Simple yes, but it’s one of the easiest things to forget while you’re having fun. Aim for six to eight glasses of water a day (that’s 1.5-2L) for you and four to six (that’s 1-1.5L) for your kids. Liven it up by adding slices of organic lemon, cucumber or mint. Keep it in the fridge for a refreshing low sugar drink, or freeze in cubes.

Eat a rainbow

Be inspired by the vibrant summery colours around you. Opt for bright salads, veggies and fruits over meat and dessert to fuel your body with a well-balanced diet. All these essential nutrients will give you enough energy to keep up with the kids and summer adventures with friends.

Focus on your emotional wellbeing

Summer’s a great time to boost your physical wellbeing but don’t forget to nourish your emotional wellbeing too. When you’re in the beach or bush, soak up the sounds of nature and the smell of fresh air. Ground yourself by getting your hands dirty in the garden or walking barefoot on the grass. Enjoy making connections, whether that’s hanging with your favourite people or helping at the local community centre or marae.

Stock up on herbal helpers

Kiwiherb’s got your back with our summer must-haves.

“100% natural, Deet-free Kiwiherb Herbal Insect Repellent  gives you the confidence to enjoy summer without pesky biting bugs! Perfect for any time you’re outdoors, holiday BBQs, an evening beach stroll, or bush adventures. Also handy in the home, when you have open windows on hot evenings.

Our scorching summer sun can be damaging to skin, young and old. Reach for the antioxidant-rich Kiwiherb Skin Restore Cream with soothing and protecting Green Tea, Hoheria and Kiwifruit extracts in a natural cream base.  It can be used daily, or as required.

Summer heat can lead to hot irritated skin, nappy rash and chafing on little ones - Kiwiherb Baby Balm can come to the rescue.  This soothing formula can also act as your ‘everything balm’ over summer with calming effects of Calendula, Chamomile and Koromiko.  Hydrate cracked lips and rapidly soothe and protect your skin from exercise-induced chafing.

Winter hibernation and lack of exercise can cause sprains and strains when we leap into ‘new year’ fitness regimes without adequate stretching. Kiwiherb SprainAway Cream combines New Zealand-grown Arnica and Comfrey to provide natural support for calming and healing injuries, bruises and strains.

Long car trips or over-eager gardening sessions can play havoc with back strain and sore muscles. Rub on some Kiwiherb Comfrey Ointment which helps to ease and soothe any niggles.

Finally, environmental allergens and the odd lurking winter bug can take the enjoyment out of summer holidays. Keep your little ones stocked up with Kiwiherb Children’s Echinature . It provides immune system support to help your child sail through summer, sniffle-free.”

Kiwiherb Herbal Insect Repellent, Kiwiherb Skin Restore Cream, Kiwiherb Baby Balm, Kiwiherb SprainAway Cream and Kiwiherb Comfrey Ointment: For external use only.

Kiwiherb Children’s Echinature: Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Phytomed, Auckland.


Navigating summer, naturally
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