Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are a time of significant emotional and physical change. With additional demands on the body, fatigue and discomfort can set in.  A more vulnerable immune system can mean taking care of yourself is essential.

Herbal medicine can be a great way to provide mum and baby with some extra support.

Many products within the Kiwiherb range are gentle enough to be taken throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding, whether it is Echinature for immune defence, Organic Chest Syrup to lessen chest spasms, or Organic De-Stuff to keep the blocked noses at bay.

Including plenty wholefoods is also an ideal way to introduce nutrients for both mum and growing baby. That can be hard, though, when morning sickness is still going strong. Plain foods are typically the go-to options, avoiding strong flavours, and having smaller but more frequent meals. Sipping peppermint or ginger tea can also help to reduce the intensity of nausea, or Kiwiherb’s Kids Calm, a gentle formula containing chamomile, can help to settle the stomach. This can be added to warm water for a soothing drink.

As the pregnant belly grows, Organic Calendula Healing Balm can support stretching skin and help to lessen the intensity of stretch marks. A nice Epsom salt bath soak for mum also helps support less pressure on the muscles, which are working overtime during this time.

For breastfeeding mums, extra nutrition is needed to cover additional energy requirements. If supply comes in slowly, or low, herbs such as fennel, fenugreek, and shatavari can stimulate milk flow. Lactation cookies are another delicious option that can help milk to come in and give a much-needed energy boost to counter some of the newborn tiredness.

As breastmilk is largely composed of water, hydration is crucial. Herbal tea, high water foods like cucumber, lettuce, tomato, celery, apple, watermelon, and electrolyte-balancing drinks like coconut water are ideal for staying hydrated. Adding a small pinch of salt to filtered water, along with a squeeze of lemon, can also encourage better water uptake.

Breastfeeding is hard work, physically and emotionally, and the sensitive nipples can take a while to adjust. To shield from dryness and cracking, Kiwiherb’s Organic Baby Balm can be applied directly after a feed, helping to reduce pain and discomfort, and supporting the adjustment to regular or cluster feeding.

Talk with your health practitioner to see what would work best for you, or contact our Technical Department for further information on any of our Kiwiherb products.  

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
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