Botanical name: Arnica montana 
Common name: Mountain Tobacco, Leopard's bane and Wolfsbane
Part used: Flowers

Arnica is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties & for many it is the ‘go-to’ herb as a first response for injuries associated with swelling, bruising and pain.  It has been the subject of numerous scientific studies and reviews, and it is approved for external use in the German Commission E Monographs for injuries and ‘consequences of accidents’ eg haematoma, dislocations, contusions, edema due to fracture, rheumatic and joint problems.

Endemic to parts of Europe, Arnica grows in nutrient-poor meadows up to nearly 3000 metres. There have been major concerns around the sustainability of Arnica in recent years due to the destruction of its natural habitat as a result of conversion to intensive agriculture.  All Arnica used by Kiwiherb is grown right here in New Zealand & is 100% sustainable.

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