Baical Skullcap

Botanical name: Scutellaria baicalensis 
Common name: Baical Skullcap, Baical
Part used:

This plant is widely used in Chinese medicine to treat inflammatory conditions.

Indications include allergic conditions such as asthma, eczema, and hay-fever/allergic rhinitis. It is also used in chronic inflammatory conditions, particularly autoimmune disorders and chronic infections.

Other indications include acute infections, hypertension, and the prevention of atherosclerosis.

A number of pharmacological studies on the root or flavonoid glycosides it contains have been published in the scientific literature. Baical Skullcap has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity, with anti-allergic and immune-modulating effects having also been demonstrated. Baical Skullcap may inhibit binding between immune cells and antigens, and inhibit histamine release by mast cells.

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