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Mānuka Mouthwash

Mānuka Mouthwash

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Say goodbye to bad breath and hello to healthy gums with Kiwiherb Mānuka Mouthwash 

Key benefits 

  • Helps kill odour-causing bacteria 
  • Soothes sore gums  
  • Helps tighten gum tissue to support recovery 
  • Freshens the mouth with natural Peppermint 
  • Supports overall oral health 
  • 100% natural mouthwash 

Our Mānuka Mouthwash is a unique herbal formulation of New Zealand natives Mānuka and Tānekaha along with Peppermint Oil.  It is perfect for daily use to help maintain optimal oral hygiene and support gum health. 

It naturally freshens the breath and targets the oral bacteria responsible for tooth decay and bad breath.  It also supports recovery after dental surgery or where mouth ulcers are present. 

This natural mouthwash is ideal for people with dentures.  It can help soothe the irritation or discomfort that dentures may cause It also promotes a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth to support gum health. 

In-vitro tests commissioned by Kiwiherb on preparations containing a combination of Mānuka and Tānekaha have found activity against the common oral bacteria Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus mitis, and Actinomyces naeslundii. 

Contains no artificial flavours, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives. 

Always read the label and use only as directed.  Dilute before use.  Do not swallow – expel after use.  Rinse mouth well with water after use. 

If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner. 


Primary active ingredients:

Mānuka - A powerful restorative New Zealand native.
Mānuka is effective against a range of bacteria to support a healthy biome.

Tanekaha – A potent astringent New Zealand native. Tanekaha helps support recovery from yeast overgrowth, red and sore gums and bacterial imbalance.

Liquorice – A sweet tasting root that supports mucous health and soothes mouth ulcers.

Aniseed – Aniseed helps supports a healthy oral biome with anti-inflammatory and astringent actions.

All ingredients:
Water, Ethanol, herbal extracts of Mānuka Herb, Tanekaha Herb, Liqourice Root and Aniseed, plus oils of Mānuka and Peppermint.


2 - 4ml (1-2 capfuls) diluted in 20 - 30ml water.
Rinse in the mouth for up to 1 minute (1-3 times daily). Or use every 2-3 days for general maintenance.
Do not swallow – expel after use.


As with many mouthwashes and tannin containing liquids (e.g. tea), long term daily use may result in staining of the teeth.

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