How to beat the winter bugs

How to beat the winter bugs

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There are great things about winter: it’s an excuse to cuddle on the couch and get addicted to the latest binge-worthy show while indulging in a deliciously warming hot drink.

Then there are less-great things, like soggy socks, rain-drenched hair and winter bugs. If you’re feeling the beginnings of a winter bug, try herbal healthcare products – they’re a safe, effective option for the whole family. Here’s what to look for and how to use them for best results.

Look for herbal superstars, like Mānuka Honey

Honey is a time-honoured remedy for all manner of ills, but Mānuka Honey has something extra special to offer. Unique to New Zealand, it contains significant antimicrobial and healing properties, more so than other honeys. Thanks to its soothing, powerful nature, it’s good for scratchy dry throats! Find it in these Kiwiherb products

Unhappy sinuses?

If you’re battling a blocked or runny nose, herbs like Ribwort and Elderflower could help. They help soothe irritated tissues inside the nose and sinuses. Keep an eye out for Echinacea root. It can help support your immune system and help you fight off that bug. Sinus-clearing Peppermint can help you breathe easier too.

Kiwiherb De-Stuff for Kids can be used from newborn. A dose at bedtime can help little ones breathe easier through the night. If your little one often gets ear issues, try it for daily support.

Power up: go for a combination

For extra winter bug battling, try combining Kiwiherb products to get plenty of goodness in one go: all Kiwiherb products can be safely used together. For little ones, try Kiwiherb De-Stuff for Kids with  Kiwiherb Children’s Chest Syrup to help soothe the airways.

For you, try a dose of Kiwiherb De-Stuff with Kiwiherb Herbal Chest Syrup .



How to beat the winter bugs
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