How to decipher your cough?

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How to know more about your cough?

Often, when we have sniffles and blocked noses, these can go on to develop into more respiratory stress or impact everyday lung health. We may need more support for lung and bronchial function or help with healthy breathing; this can be a common occurrence for both adults and children.

Helping your recovery

There are many different types of coughs and knowing what type of cough can help assist in a healthy recovery and the way you can best support yourself and the whole household. As we approach the darker evening and the clock re-set of daylight saving amongst the seasonal change into the cooler months of autumn.

The change or drop in the new arrival of autumnal temperature can be related to allergies and the natural rise of more seasonal bugs. Respiratory health can be commonly affected at this time of year and for individuals such as asthma sufferers, it may provoke more respiratory or breathing stress.

The top 5 most common coughs

A dry cough

It sounds like a normal dry cough or can be hacking, and dry air such as air conditioning, heat pumps etc. may set it off. Usually feels tickly and may be present with a dry throat from coughing and is repetitive for the person, so can be tiring over time. It can turn into a productive wet cough as it progresses.

A wet cough

Probably the most common type of respiratory ailment and cough. It is wet and productive with mucus. Our lungs are trying to help move the mucus and make us better but can linger on in certain illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia and infections. More attention and seeking healthcare professionals are advised to help in diagnosis and recovery.

Wheezy cough

A very common cough in young children, and asthmatics. A wheezing cough on exhale and common to in croup with young children. It sounds similar to a whistle which can be due to mucus and inflammation blockage. The wheezy sound in children is called stridor if it is like a musical sound and related to upper respiratory swelling in conditions like croup. Also, it requires healthcare advice for diagnosis and treatment plans.

Barking cough

Can be common incurrence, for allergy sufferers and in children alongside croup. Cold air and then steam can help these types of coughs.

Whooping sounding cough

Pertussis is brought on by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis. This disease has 3 stages: catarrhal, paroxysmal, and convalescent typically in children. We would recommend that you receive healthcare professional advice as part of the diagnosis and recovery.

Deciphering our bronchial health

Listening to our bronchial and breathing conditions can help us decipher the type of cough or how much additional support we may need. Helping us to get better and facilitate more instant support from the immediate signs and symptoms of respiratory illness.

Ultimately helping our total health and wellness. Natural respiratory botanicals such as Thyme and Mullein for healthy breathing and airway support with Echinacea for everyday immune defence can help everyday vitality and recovery.

These can be vital ingredients for recovery and extra lung support for helping with allergies or when unwell with a tight chest and ongoing airway agitation. Further, herbal botanicals that can also support here are Hyssop and Marshmallow. These can act as natural soothers for tight and upset chests for helping relaxation and ease any strained breathing for both dry and wet coughs.

The best way for optimal recovery

Finding our best way forward for your household and individual health encompasses many contributing factors such as diet, rest, purpose, sleep hours, physical activity and immediate environment alongside our emotional well-being. Treating the whole picture of health and well-being includes all of those essential ingredients for recovery and our revitalisation back to wellness.

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How to decipher your cough?
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