How to Make Your Liver Happy

The liver works hard to filter toxins, bacteria, hormones and wastes from the bloodstream every day. In doing so, it influences digestion processes, energy levels, mood, and sleep. The liver also encourages a healthy microbiome. As 70 percent of our immunity is in our gut, a healthy liver supports a robust immune system.

While the liver knows how to detoxify the body, and does so each day, it can benefit from a bit of support.

Signs of an overwhelmed liver can include

  • Digestion issues – bowel irregularity, discomfort, and flatulence.
  • Hormonal imbalances - mood changes, and feelings of overwhelm.
  • Low energy - ongoing fatigue, and poor stamina.
  • Brain fog - inability to think clearly and less clarity.
  • Skin conditions - such as itchy or dry skin.

The top five ways to make your liver happy


Including enough water into your day (aim for 6-8 glasses) is an easy way to encourage waste clearance.


Fibre from psyllium, green vegetables, and fruits aid the microbiome, support toxin removal, and encourage healthy bowel movements.

Herbal support

Formulas including Milk thistle, Globe Artichoke, and Dandelion can support liver detoxification processes and normal liver health.

Deep sleep

The sleep/wake cycle influences daily liver function, as the liver is at its most active during sleep. Herbs including Withania and passionflower can support quality sleep, calm the mind, and support relaxation.

Stress habits

Managing the stress response is crucial for physical and emotional wellbeing. Including breathing exercises or mediation, even for 5 -10 minutes can make big difference. Stress supporting herbs like lemon balm and St John’s wort can support daily stress and an overactive nervous system.



Always consult your healthcare professional before making any dietary or lifestyle changes to ensure they are suitable for you. 

How to Make Your Liver Happy
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