Preparing for the colder months ahead

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How do we stay well over the upcoming colder months while the days begin to shorten on us and the touches of late autumn bring with it the ever-changing temperatures? Many individuals are sensitive to sudden temperature changes that can often lead to feeling unwell and getting run down, alongside a busy lifestyle and looking after others or family.

We can help ourselves well by including the following top 5 tips to help us stay well and maintain our winter wellness.

Our top 5 tips for staying well

  1. Stay warm and dry. Dressing in layers can help if you’re prone to being unwell or you struggle with temperature change.
  2. Including restful times into your week helps year-round but helps to support immunity, well-being and restoration. Think power naps or quality sleep alongside your hobbies and activities that bring you contentedness.
  3. Include vital nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin D to help maintain an optimal and effective immune defence in the body for everyday wellness. Foods such as fish, sardines, salmons or nuts and seeds, algae, or dairy products for vitamin D. Fresh capsicum, kiwifruit, feijoas, oranges and winter citrus fruits can help in boosting vitamin C levels. In an extra demand situation such as being unwell or repeated illness, using a supplement can offer some extra support.
  4. Wholefoods and unprocessed foods are a simple tool for helping with wellness but an essential way to keep up our long-term well-being. Think vegetable soups or broths on cold nights, hearty breakfasts with sourdough eggs or scrambled tempeh or tofu, including ginger, turmeric or fennel and dill spices to warm and help digestion for those colder months. Aiding gut health alongside provides extra nutrition and easy to digest foods for healthy digestion, and good gut health helps our immediate immune response.
  5. Adequate sleep and getting enough sleep always comes into everyday well-being. It is not only how many hours we sleep but our quality of sleep that is important for immune health, gut health, mood and total body well-being. Going to bed by 10 pm is often recommended for a healthy sleep-wake cycle and then using the same time every day and the same routine helps set up an ongoing healthy sleep routine is part of good sleep hygiene.

The effective botanicals for recovery

Including effective and immune-supporting herbal botanicals can help to re-set adrenals and your sleep-wake cycles and help lift immunity in times of extra need.

Herbs such as Thyme, Echinacea, Kawakawa, Elecampane, Ginger, Horseradish, Mānuka honey, Marshmallow root, Mullein, White Horehound can all work to support a variety of issues, including immunity and healthy respiratory function for optimal lung health and quick recovery time.

The powerful herbs for extra immune support

Getting additional support to help clear blocked or stuffy noses and sinuses with Elderflower, Peppermint and Ribwort, may make every day a bit easier with supporting clear noses and fewer all-around household sniffles.

The powerful immune acting herbs Elderberry and Olive leaf are great options for daily immune support or in times of need within the household and for boosting immune recovery. Often this is during colder months of the year when we often find we need a bit more immune support to help get us through and help us stay well.


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Preparing for the colder months ahead
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