Boost immunity and build resilience with Echinacea

Echinacea is a humble plant that has been looking after us quietly for many hundreds of years and will continue to do so. It is a herbal superhero, your secret weapon to boost immunity and build resilience against a range of unwanted microbes, aka bugs!

But wait there’s more - not only does Echinacea totally boost your overall immune function, it also helps counteract the negative effects that stress and anxiety can have on the immune system.

High-quality potent Kiwiherb Echinature will make you tingle!

High potency, good quality Echinacea will make your tongue tingle. Yes, seriously.  We now know that the most active constituents in Echinacea are the alkylamides. When these are present, they’ll make your tongue tingly and cause you to salivate a little. So, the better the Echinacea, the more you tingle. It’s a really simple test - if you get the buzz it means your immune system is getting that buzz and ramping up its activity. 

These buzzing alkylamides are concentrated most highly in the root, so always look for a root extract. Although the alylamides are the most well-known constituent in Echinacea, they are not the only constituents that make Echinacea an immune hero. Echinacea root also contains inulin-like fructans, which are found in foods such as onion and garlic.  This prebiotic constituent improves immunity through promoting healthy bacteria in the gut.

It’s easy to check the quality when you have a liquid Echinacea product, and you’ll experience the tingle with every dose of Kiwiherb Echinacea. Taking a little bit of Echinacea every day will help defend you and your family by building immunity, but remember to take the full recommended dose if you are unwell. You can take Echinacea with a little water or pop it in your herbal cuppa or your children’s drink bottle - they’ll dig the tingle too!

So sing it from the rooftops, Kiwiherb Echinacea is a star, an immunity-boosting super herb traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine and we’ve got a number of products you can get your daily dose from.

Try these high-quality products for you and your family:

Kiwiherb Adult:

Echinature is a powerful combination of Echinacea root and Mānuka honey to boost the immune system and support recovery.

Organic Immuneguard is a unique formulation made using NZ grown and certified organic herbs to support both Immunity, as well as Respiratory health. Locally grown Horseradish and Elecampane help clear airways, while our premium organic Echinacea root, supports immune function.

Herbal Throat Spray is an instant first line defence for a dry, scratchy throat. Rapid soothing and protective properties. A unique formulation of soothing and immune-active herbs, including New Zealand Kawakawa, Echinacea, Thyme, Propolis and Mānuka Honey to soothe the throat. Suitable for ages 6 plus. Handy purse or pocket pack – perfect for use on the go.

De-Stuff quickly soothes irritation in the sinuses, nose and ears to clear airways and support easy breathing. Soothes irritated airways and supports upper respiratory tract health and healthy immune function. This BioGro certified organic formula is a combination of Elderflower, Ribwort, and Echinacea root, naturally sweetened with organic apple juice and Peppermint to help clear the airways. Practitioner strength formulation and suitable for vegetarians.


An antioxidant-rich formula (previously Kiwiherb EchiBerry) supports health and wellbeing for people on the go. With the equivalent of 45g fresh berries in every 10mL, ImmuneBerry is a delicious way to get your daily dose of antioxidants and supercharge your immunity. This antioxidant immune booster supports healthy immune function and healthy aging – the perfect daily tonic.

Kiwiherb ImmuneBerry combines traditional immune herbs Echinacea, Elderberry and Olive leaf with antioxidant rich berries, including New Zealand Blackcurrants – recognised worldwide for its superior levels of antioxidants.

Naturally sweetened with New Zealand Mānuka Honey, Raspberries and Boysenberries, ImmuneBerry is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie or mix with water for a refreshing drink.

Kiwiherb Children:

De-Stuff for Kids provides BioGro certified organic; ear, nasal and sinus support. The natural herbal ingredients, organic Elderflower, Ribwort and Echinacea root, work to support clear airways and helps loosen mucus to support easy breathing in children. Echinacea also provides systemic immune support. With a base of organic apple juice, and natural peppermint and orange oil, this is specifically formulated to taste great. Suitable for children and also available for adults.

Children’s Throat Syrup offers targeted support for upper respiratory tract health. Thyme has traditionally been used to support the health of the respiratory tract, while Echinacea provides systemic immune support. This specialist BioGro certified organic formulation is designed to soothe dry tickly throats and support recovery. Naturally flavoured with organic Mānuka and wild Thyme honey, with natural orange and lemon flavour, ensuring compliance from even the fussiest child.

Children’s Echinature is specially formulated for children 0-12 years to support healthy immune function and recovery. This certified organic formulation features premium NZ-grown Echinacea root with a delicious, natural orange flavour. It is ideal for infants and children with poor immune resistance, and frequent ailments or slow recovery. 

Boost immunity and build resilience with Echinacea
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